Unlock Adventure & Ignite Your Imagination with ADHD Arena—A Game Where Kids Often Outshine Adults!

If you think age defines wisdom, you're in for a delightful surprise! Ideal for groups of 4-5 adults or families of 6-7, our game challenges all generations. Children aged 10-12 can confidently complete the entire game on their own, but the magic really begins when younger adventurers join the quest. We recommend a minimum age of 6-8 for family participation.

A True Story You Can't Miss!

Just at the launch of the game few years back, I got a call from a mom asking if she could bring her 8-year-old for a birthday adventure. I aceppted the booking making then aware it was the first time having such young player. The family arrived bursting with enthusiasm, but within minutes of starting the game, the parents were so engrossed they entirely forgot about their kids!

Scrambling for solutions, they overlooked their young daughter who had already found the answer. Her challenge? She was too short to implement it! She tried guiding her parents, repeating her clues three times to no avail. Finally, I had to intervene: "Mom, Dad, your little adventurers have already cracked the code! Listen to them!" The look of sheepishness on their faces was only outmatched by the pride shining in their eyes for their clever young one.

Fast forward five minutes, and the parents were back to being all over the place—but this time, in joyful harmony with their kids. We all had an absolutely fantastic time!

So come and experience the adventure where kids take the lead. Don't miss out on this laughter-filled, problem-solving extravaganza that’s just as much fun for the grown-ups. An adult must accompany any group of children under 16, but as our story proves, that doesn't mean they'll be the ones solving the puzzles!

Visit us at www.junkyard.space — a game designed for adults but often aced by kids! 🎉