Letter sent to populo Living a subsiday privatized housing company

Subject: Urgent: Information Request and Safety Concerns

I trust you are in good health. I'm reaching out to address a grave concern that has recently escalated. I received a threat stating that an Albanian individual would be hired to shoot me 20 times. In light of this, I have contacted Hollibrook to inquire about their knowledge of these individuals, who have occupied the land and warehouse at 2-6 new mount st e 15 3pa and also used another site of theirs at Harlow's Burns Mills for over four years. I've uncovered several companies associated with various identities they seem to interchange.

This is the same group responsible for cutting the padlock, which Algi refers to in the forwarded email below. Their actions have raised serious safety concerns for me and potentially others who may be affected by their activities. Following Algi's instruction, I disregarded an email stating that the matter was resolved. However, it became evident that there is a connection between you and this group when, a few days later, they trespassed on Pitch. When confronted, they assured me of their acquaintance with both you and Mark. a member of the group even made a personal call to Mark shortly afterward, suggesting he has been in contact previously .

In a subsequent encounter, I facilitated one of their members' visit to your office to deliver a key. I believe it was Max Housego who received us and accepted the key, indicating he was expecting them and would pass it on to David. Based on these interactions, I was led to believe their credibility, which influenced my decision to rent a property from them for an escape room business and have not only lost all my savings but put me in debt.

I have later discovered that these individuals are part of a criminal group, implicated in fraudulent activities, including the illegal housing of a large number of immigrants across 20 rooms with no windows. The fire brigade's intervention during a fire incident brought this to light on 15 oct. They have also been involved in variou frauds. There also was a massive fight between two clans probably due to the gambling established at the location, all documented .

Given these serious allegations and the gravity of the situation, I urge you to report any information you may have about these individuals to the police and their connection to hollybrook.

I am writing under distressing circumstances that require your immediate attention. My safety and mental health has been seriously compromised, and I believe that urgent action is necessary. I am trying to contact the citizen advice bureau.

Yesterday, after reaching out to Hollibrook regarding the individuals who have made threats against me, there have been developments that suggest Hollibrook may be significantly involved. Shortly after my inquiry, the group in question, which had not been seen for several days, made a conspicuous appearance in view of the CCTV cameras they are cognizant of.